Become a member

International Health Co-operative OrganisationIHCO membership  is open to health cooperatives that are either full members, members of full members, or associated members of International Cooperative Alliance (ICA membership requirements can be found at this link) and have as their main objective either the provision of health care to their members, the provision of self‐employment for health professionals, the integration of consumers’ and producers’ health cooperatives, or the promotion of health cooperatives.

In order to be member you should communicate by formal writing to IHCO Secretariat and ICA Central Office your declaration of interest to be member of IHCO including your commitment to fully abide the IHCO Statutes. You should also include information on your organisation (name, postal address, email, name of main legal representative, name of contact person, etc…) and indicate the category of membership, whether it is full or associated. Full members of IHCO must be full members of ICA or members of full members of ICA. If the latter is your case, you have to provide a letter from the ICA full member stating that your organisation is one of its members and that it agrees to your participation in IHCO. Associated members of IHCO are the associate members of ICA. You should also enclose a copy of the statutes of your organisation or any document having the same function and a copy of the latest annual report or similar document.

The Board of IHCO will review this documentation and decide upon your admission.