Obituary: Dr Eudes de Freitas Aquino

Eudes Aquino

It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform the passing away of Dr Eudes de Freitas Aquino.

Dr Eudes was the international representative of the Brazilian health cooperatives for many years. A committed cooperator, he served as a Board Member and President of the IHCO. His support and contribution was a cornerstone to health cooperativism development.

A renowned nephrologist, Dr Eudes was President of the health cooperative Unimed Piracicaba. Later, he was a Board Member of Unimed Federation of Sao Paulo, President of Unimed do Brazil and Board Member of the International Cooperative Alliance.

A man of humility, he was always kind, generous and very supportive. He will long be remembered with respect and gratitude. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, co-workers and everyone whose life was touched by Dr Eudes.