General Assembly 2020

Delegates of health cooperatives from eleven countries took part in the General Assembly of the IHCO on 28 October. Because of covid-19, the organisation moved the gathering online.

«This has been a difficult year, especially for our sector,» lamented IHCO President Carlos Zarco, but the resilience to crises that cooperatives have shown over the years, and the current context of transformation provide health cooperatives «new opportunities to expand,» he added.

Dr Zarco also sent out a message of solidarity to those affected by the coronavirus and expressed a «well-deserved recognition to all those healthcare professionals who over the months have focused all their effort, commitment and dedication to addressing the health emergency.»

Member’s delegates detailed what the challenges are in dealing every day with the health emergency, and exchanged the lessons learned during past months struggling with the pandemic.

The assembly approved the President’s report and the financial statements. Delegates designed the work plan for next year as well. The organisation will focus on raise awareness of the potential contributions of the cooperative business model to health systems and facilitate inter-cooperation among members. It will aim at becoming a knowledge hub as well, collecting, producing and sharing information about health cooperatives.