Asia-Pacific Health Cooperatives committed to SDGs

On past October, the Asia-Pacific Health Cooperative Organisation, APHCO, held the 12th General Assembly gathering representatives from Japan, Malaysia, India and Nepal. APHCO member-organisation delegates reviewed the activities carried out since 2017 and discussed the action plan for the period 2019-2021, which will be focused on promoting cooperative activities that improve community health and contribute to health promotion. Beyond to provide affordable and quality healthcare, participants highlighted the importance of supporting local citizens so that they could play active roles in health promotion.

The General Assembly also approved a plan to review the organisation’s history and draft a brochure compiling the main milestones achieved since 1997, when it was founded.

A new Board was elected in the meeting which will be chaired by Hew Coop Japan’s Dr Jun Takahashi. Member-organisations represented on the new Board are KDM of Malaysia; Shushrusha Citizens’ Cooperative Hospital and Kerala Cooperative Hospital Federation of India, phect-NEPAL and COOPFED of Sri Lanka.

APHCO’s new president encouraged members to «keep working together at APHCO and work toward the achievement of SDGs, including ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all.» The 2020 General Assembly will be held in Sri Lanka.