IHCO President Carlos Zarco participated in the Centrosoyuz’s International Cooperative Forum

The Federation of Consumer Cooperatives of Russia, Centrosoyuz, staged the International Cooperative Forum between 18 and 22 September with the main aim of raising the profile of the cooperative enterprise model and increasing awareness of its contribution to global socio-economic development.

Held in the Kaluga district in south-west Moscow, the gathering brought together cooperative members from various regions of Russia, representatives of the International Cooperative Alliance and senior regional and federal government figures from the host country.

IHCO President, who took part in an international panel debate alongside the President of Centrosoyuz, Dmitry Zubov, explained the different operational areas and organisational models that health cooperatives adopt in many different countries to provide quality healthcare for citizens and a beneficial working environment for medical professionals.

«Some 100 million households worldwide enjoy access to medical care thanks to cooperatives, which have been confirmed in the health systems of 76 countries» Dr Zarco asserted in his address.

Centrosoyuz, an IHCO member organisation, is the highest representative body of Russia’s cooperatives, dating back 186 years and now covering more than 2,600 cooperative enterprises, mainly in the agri-food sector, but also including the fields of health, education and scientific research.