Eudes de Freitas, new IHCO President

On March 9, the Board of the International Health Cooperative Organisation met at the headquarters of Unimed do Brasil, in Sao Paulo with the participation of the representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Japan and Spain.

The meeting started with some minutes to remember and honour Dr José Carlos Guisado, who presided over the organisation more than 15 years.

The Members of the Board ratified Eudes de Freitas as President on behalf of Unimed; they agreed to appoint Carlos Zarco as Vice President, on behalf of the Espriu Foundation and to appoint Ricardo López from the Argentine health cooperatives as Board Project Coordinator.

During the meeting, the Board Members reviewed the lines of action for 2017 and approved the budget for the year. They also discussed measures to consolidate the organisation and enhance its growth with the addition of new members.