National cases of Better Health & Social Care, now in Spanish

The national cases of the Spanish-speaking countries covered at Better Health & Social Care, the report directed by Jean-Pierre Girard and co-sponsored by the International Health Co-operatives Organisation, are now available in Spanish.

The report, which is the base for the Map of health and social care cooperatives worldwide, was launched in the International Summit of Co-operatives 2014 in Quebec, revealing that at least 81 million people worldwide make use of the health services provided by the 4.961 co-operatives researched in 43 countries.

Better Health & Social Care

With the support of Fundación Espriu, the national cases of the Spanish-speaking countries has been translated into Spanish with the aim of making more people aware of the experience of health cooperatives around the world.
You can download the Spanish version of the national cases at this link.