Agenda 2020 – Health and Co-operativism

The 45th National Convention of Unimed do Brasil discussed the improvements to private health care and the opportunities before the political and economic challenges in Brazil. The event brought together from September 29 to October 2 in Sauipe Coast almost 1,700 executives and managers of the Unimeds.



Eudes de Freitas Aquino, President of Unimed do Brasil


The convention had as a global theme Health and Co-operativism based on the Agenda 2020. This theme aimed to stimulate the debate on the objectives proposed by the International Cooperative Alliance in the Blueprint for the Cooperative Decade and discuss how to consolidate sustainability as a viable alternative to the business model. Unimed President Eudes de Freitas Aquino encouraged cooperators to maintain a homogeneous identity and added that  “work and fearlessness are essential to fill the lack of ethics and the mediocrity observed in some official circles.”

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