IHCO supports health co-operatives in Colombia

On 5 October, several members of the International Health Co-operatives Organisation were involved at a meeting with the Colombian Minister of Health and Social Protection, Alejandro Gaviria, to address the recovery process at the Colombian health co-operative Saludcoop. The organisation, which was taken into state ownership 4 years ago as a result of financial irregularities, currently serves 7 million members and generates 30,000 jobs.

The meeting, held in Bogotá, was attended by Ricardo López, President of the Federation of Solidarity Health Entities of Argentina; Adriano Soares, Executive Superintendent of Unimed in Brazil; Ramón Imperial, President of Co-operatives of the Americas, and Carlos Acero, President of Confecoop.


The representatives of the health co-operative movement informed Mr Gaviria of their intention to provide technical, financial and institutional assistance in the process of restructuring the health service at Saludcoop, on the basis of the co-operative enterprise management model, and expressed their support for the Colombian co-operative movement in its aim of handling this restructuring so as to guarantee the right to health on conditions of suitability, service quality and coverage.

At its most recent meeting, the IHCO Board supported the proposed restructuring of Saludcoop, as stated by IHCO President José Carlos Guisado in the letter he addressed to the Colombian health minister.

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