IHCO welcomes new member FederazioneSanità

The members of the IHCO Board, at their meeting in Milan on October 12, welcomed FederazioneSanità as new full member. The Italian National Federation of the medical and pharmaceutical sector, social health care cooperatives and social-health mutual societies (FederazioneSanità) is the organization, for Italy, of Confcooperative – Health Sector.

Giuseppe Milanese, president of FederazioneSanità

Giuseppe Milanese, president of FederazioneSanità

FederazioneSanità combines cooperatives operating in the different areas of health care (physicians’ and general practitioners cooperatives, social and health care cooperatives, pharmaceutical and social-health mutual societies) to create a shared network of health, social, welfare and complementary mutuality services to be offered to citizens. It was created in 2010 and today brings together more than 330 organizations with 110,000 members.

The main objectives of the Italian organisation are to represent in a more effective and powerful way the interests of member-cooperatives operating in primary care under the National Health System; supporting the achievement of integration policies between the different social and health care actors, creating a network of social, health, welfare and complementary mutuality services; to respond to the need for assistance by citizens at the different stages of chronic illnesses and disabilities and support families outside the hospital and at home; and promote the cooperative organization model, based on mutual support and solidarity.

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