Health coops featured at World Cooperative Monitor

A recent study presented during the General Assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance, ICA, held in Manchester in October, found 62 health co-operatives distributed in 18 countries, with a total turnover in 2010 of 20.8 billion US dollars.

Cooperatives in the health sector

The World Cooperative Monitor, generated by ICA and the European Research Institute on Co-operative and Social Enterprise (EURICSE), also stated that 6 out of 10 largest health cooperatives are members of IHCO.

Health Cooperatives with turnover of over 100 million USD

The report includes other significant data about the global co-operative movement and reflects the existence of co-operative companies in more than 60 countries with a turnover in excess of 2.4 trillion dollars (1.9 trillion euros).

Ten top health cooperatives

In presenting the study, ICA Director General Charles Gould, stated “with 2 trillion dollars in annual revenue among the 300 largest co-operatives alone, this is a sector that is no side-player, but a major, global, economic force”.

View an online version of the World Cooperative Monitor

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