IHCO seminar on Cooperative Opportunities for USA Health Care

IHCO seminar in Washington

IHCO’s President Dr. Guisado opened IHCO Seminar in Washington

July 21st, IHCO arranged a seminar titled “Cooperative Opportunities for Health Care” in Washington, D.C. It featured several keynote health co-operators from USA and other countries.

Among the speakers were IHCO President Dr. José Carlos Guisado, Vice President Dr. Eudes Freitas de Aquino, NCBA President and ICA Board Member Mr. Paul Hazen, and Ms. Karen Davis, President of the Commonwealth Fund of USA.

They gave important presentations on the development of cooperative health care in the US as well as in other countries. Other presentations informed on existing health coop experiences in the US, and attorney Dave Swanson gave an insightful lecture on cooperative legislation in USA.

“This marks the beginning of something important”, IHCO President Dr. Guisado commented. “In view of both the UN Year of Cooperatives in 2012 and of the new health care bill in USA, there are great opportunities for cooperative health care in America.”

The seminar has already lead to a new dialogue on coop health care among American and international organisations, and a Delphi Panel is planned to be established this autumn to further discuss the matter among invited experts.

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